AKDSL continues to be a good corporate citizen, supporting the communities from which it derives its business and recognizing its responsibilities towards all such communities. AKDSL will be supportive of community initiatives across the organization, targeting those most appropriate for each individual community.

The company has integrated CSR into its ethics and business practices. In this context, community and stakeholder needs are carefully assessed and support is extended in line with the company’s policies, code of ethics and business objectives. Some of the key CSR activities undertaken by the company include:

Health, Safety and Environment

AKDSL ensures that all its present and future activities are conducted safely without endangering the health and safety of its employees, customers, the public and the environment in which we operate. Our aim is to minimize negative environmental impact and promote green and clean energy as is economically and practically possible.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and Support for Education - 2017

A TCF delegation was invited to the AKDSL office to give an overview about the work being carried out by the Foundation in the education of underprivileged children across Pakistan.

Impressed by the work done by TCF, the company sponsored the education of one complete classroom for six months. Also, a few senior management personnel in their individual capacities agreed to support individual child’s education on monthly basis.

Indus Hospital and Blood Drive - 2017

Every day blood transfusions take place that saves lives of many people all over the world. Donating blood is good for the health of donors as well as those who need it.

With this in mind, a team from the Indus Hospital was invited to the office of BIPLS to give a briefing about the activities that the hospital was carrying out in this regard. Also, a blood drive was launched in the company and we are happy to report that a large number of employees actively participated in voluntary blood donation.

Tax Contribution

Taxation is essential for the economic and social development of a country and BIPL Securities takes pride in being a tax compliant company. Over the past decade, the company and its employees contributed approx. PKR 577.335 million to the National Exchequer in the form of taxes.