AKDSL aims to continue expanding by increasing the depth and coverage of our services to clients. The Cross Asset Advisory Group is a strategic internal extension to our advisory business providing diverse structuring solutions across multiple investment themes including but not limited to Private Equity and Venture Capital transactions, reverse mergers and privatization.
This creates flexibility for our clients and partners to invest across various capital as well as asset class structures.

Under this platform our service offering includes:

  • Private equity, reverse merger, venture capital transactions and privatization
  • Pre raise re-organization/restructuring advice.
  • Preparation of deal collaterals such as Investor Presentation and Information Memorandum.
  • Initiating strategic discussions and deal distribution.
  • Negotiation of valuation, structure and other vital terms with potential investors with best fit.
  • Facilitation in due diligence and transaction documentation.
  • Preparation of commercial term sheets and funding closure.