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Your Gateway To Stock Exchange

Our Mission is to provide retail investors maximum access to Pakistan's capital markets

AKD Trade is the online division of AKD Securities Limited and is the forerunner of online trading in Pakistan. Launched in 2002 at a ceremony inaugurated by then Finance Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shaukat Aziz. AKD Trade has gone on to become the market leader in online stock trading with a client base in excess of 18,000 individual retail clients. Our commitment to facilitating clients can be vindicated by the fact that AKD Trade remains at the forefront of product innovation and development. AKD Trade was the first to launch a state-of-the-art trading portal “AKD TradeCast” which not only provides the conventional ease of access but allows our clients to make informed timely decisions for their investment portfolios.

  • · Universal Access to Stock Trading Accounts via Internet
  • · Live Market Rates on the Internet and Cellular Phones via Pocket Stocks
  • · State of the Art Call Centre (IVR) facility
  • · In-depth Fundamental/Technical Analysis
  • · Instant Executions and Confirmations on Stock Trades
  • · Real Time Portfolio Updates
  • · Confidentiality of all Customer Transactions
  • · Online Funds Transfer Facility
  • · Off Hour Order Placement Facility
  • · Excellent service provided by Courteous and Knowledgeable Customer Support Staff

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali conducted the first real-time online stock trade through the Internet, using the AKD Trade system in November 2002.

Stock Trading – as Easy as Click and Send

Before the introduction of online trading, the investor base in the KSE was limited, as working professionals and frequent travelers had no way to follow the ups and downs of the market. AKD Trade made this possible and changed the concept of stock trading as AKD Trade customers sitting in any part of the world can access market rates on a real-time basis and can place their orders through the following media.

AKD Trade Website www.akdtrade.com
Trading Application AKD TRADECAST
Call Centre (IVR) 111-253-253
Equity Trading Desk Through Equity Dealers

Besides Real-Time Trading facility, Portfolio details, Transactions history and Account Statements are also available to the AKD Trade customers. Additionally, AKD Research Reports are emailed to all our customers and are also available on the website There is also a dedicated Financial Portal containing all the necessary information about the major companies All this Research material assists our customers in designing their trading strategies and investment decisions.

With the traditional method of trading the investor is totally dependent on the trader. Even after instructions have been given to the trader he is not necessarily sure if the order has actually been placed and the order priority can also be compromised. The AKD Trade system, using a state-of-the-art information technology platform, now gives the user power to trade directly at his own pace, in his time.

Using the AKD Trade website/Application, the customer is totally in control of his/her trades. Orders are placed by the customer himself/herself through the website/Application with equal order priority, irrespective of the order size. Orders are executed instantly and the order status can be viewed online.